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BJJ for Beginners: 5 things you should know

Oct 19, 2016

You will get tired FAST. For beginners, you will use a lot of muscle. Everybody does at first because it is your natural reaction. Grab, hold, squeeze, and smash. It is very common but try to stay relaxed. The more flexible and relaxed you are, the more mobility you will have and energy your will retain. The more tense and ridged your body is during training, the weaker you will become.

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You’ll feel like you are in Warp Speed. Jiu-Jitsu requires patience and is not something that can be learned in a weekend seminar. It requires a lot of mat time to acquire proper application, technique and skill. For beginners, it feels like everything is moving so fast. That is usually because you are moving quickly and trying to ‘win’ instead of focusing on trying to ‘learn’. Stay relaxed and focus on one move at a time.

You will feel vulnerable. This is very common. You are put in a weird position on the ground, with somebody you do not know, and are unable to escape. Then when somebody that is lighter and weaker than you starts choking or arm-locking you, it can increase anxiety. It’s okay, they are teammates not opponents. Everybody in the room was in your position at one time or another. Just try to stay relaxed and remember you are learning something new.

Control your pride. Your teammates and coaches will let you work, try new things, and practice applying moves and submissions. “LET YOU WORK” is the key phrase. So do not get overly aggressive when finishing your submissions or sweeps. Be respectful and keep an even temper and do not let your ego increase your aggression.

You will feel like you are not learning. As adults, we are accustomed to reacting, moving, and engaging our bodies a certain way. When training BJJ you will utilize movements and muscle groups that you do not engage on a daily basis. So try not to become frustrated when you are unable to learn things quickly. It is completely foreign to you. You are learning and moving at a slower pace than your teammates and it is okay.

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