I’ve spent most of my life in Martial arts. In that time I’ve learned that finding the right Instructor can be tough. However, in Indianapolis it’s easy. James Clingerman is one of the few coaches I’ve had the privilege of training under who truly embodies everything to be looked for in a coach. Humility, Compassion, charisma, respect, and a mastery of his art. His knowledge of Hand to Hand fighting is staggering as is his charismatic teaching style. His sense of humor and wisdom makes every class the highlight of my day. This has rubbed off onto his students and affiliate coaches that have made his gyms the most enjoyable to train at. Coach James Clingerman’s teachings have helped me progress further in Martial arts and in life.

Zach Harris

I joined Endurance in 2019 looking for a unique way to improve my fitness and to learn some self-defense skills. The Zionsville location and the 30 day free trial were what first drew my attention, and I walked in with no knowledge at all of jiu-jitsu but hoping to learn.

The facilities are clean with lots of mat space, and classes are small so there is a lot of opportunity to ask questions and practice. More than anything, though, the personalities of coaches James and AJ are what have kept me coming. They’re not only fantastic martial artists, but fantastic people as well. They’re knowledgeable, friendly, and great teachers, and their positivity is reflected throughout the team.

A year and a half later, not only do I continue to train at Endurance, but my two daughters have joined me on the women’s team as well, which is much more extensive than I would have expected in a male-dominated sport. I’m very happy with my decision to join the Endurance team and would highly recommend anyone interested to check out the gym and its great people.

Jennifer Santiago

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Russell McLaurin

The coaches are fantastic, and are great at teaching positions and submissions. The students here are a real pleasure to work with. The gym is very clean and well maintained. The pricing is very reasonable too. I’d recommend this gym to anyone with an interest in Jiu Jitsu.

Chelsea Hutchison

Enthusiastic, experienced staff in a facility that’s bigger and better than ever before! Separate changing rooms a huge plus, more mat space, and a sweet pro shop! Coach Darrell is awesome!

Bill Dummett

Excellent BJJ school. All of the coaches here are great, and there’s a great atmosphere with the students. If you are interested in competing, or if you’re just rolling as a hobby, the coaches will have something to offer you here. Best martial arts gym I’ve ever worked with.

Richard JH25

I started with Endurance a little over a year ago and found the experience to be transformative. Now in my mid-40s, I have not enjoyed training this much since I wrestled in high school and have lost 35 lbs in the process. The instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming, and they seek to help you reach your own personal goals whatever they may be. The fellow students are always willing to share training tips and assist in developing your techniques. Endurance is a family friendly environment. One of the best decisions that I made was joining.

Chris Markham

Biggest strength is the sense of community among the members. The coaches are all knowledgeable, helpful, and teach without ego. The gym owners create a culture where members are immediately welcoming and willing to teach/learn with each other. Great group to work with.

Rachel Richardson

The whole team at Endurance are amazing! Friendly people, SUPER CLEAN facilities, and -oh yeah- the Jiu-Jitsu instruction is top notch. Prior to attending Endurance I had trained in martial arts for 17 years (16 in shotokan karate +1 in no gi JJ), and I can honestly say the instructors at This gym are among the best I’ve had. They focus on practical drills that are applicable in tournaments and real life self defense. Also, and this is huge, when I had to take a job out of state and could no longer attened the staff worked woth me to break my contract early so I wouldn’t be charged for classes I couldn’t take advange of. This was a real integrity move on their part. But, these folks are great. I expected nothing less. If you’re interested in high quality martial arts training on the north side of Indy, look no further.

Alejandro Valero

Amazing place and great people . Love Jiu-Jitsu .

Ihunanya Chimezie

Great gym!!! The people there are very friendly and the coaches are really helpful. Great way to stay fit, learn a Martial Art and Have Fun!!

Doug Lamar

Endurance is a great place. Whether your working towards fitness or self defense there’s no place I’d rather be.

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Jahknee Mikhail  

outstanding instruction, clean facility, and amazing atmosphere

Mac Harris  

I went up for an Anibal Braga seminar and got to work with 9 black belts in the room at once! Coach Darrell is a 30 year friend and James and A.J. Clingerman are family friends as well. This school has recently been remodeled and was an excellent place to visit. If you live in the area or are just visiting you owe it to yourself to check out Endurance BJJ!

Chris Markham  

Strong community, great coaching from gym leadership as well as individual members of the gym. Culture of focus/determination while still finding time to create/share joy.

Marat Troina  

Amazing guys, high level BJJ. Space is new, clean and good dimensions. I had a good experience training there

Milo Schoonmaker  

Great group of people willing to take you from where you are to where you would like to be.

Eudon Perkins  

Great classes with coaches dedicated to the sport and individual growth. The atmosphere and people are genuine and teamwork and respect is definitely present.

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